About Us

About Vijay and His Training Background

Vijay began training at 1990, having a passion for exercise and sports. Vijay's ability to combine a passion for exercise with his professional training as a Personal Trainer creates a dynamic, exciting,and supportive environment for his clients. 

Vijay loves being part of someone's fitness journey and seeing them grow and accomplish their own goals. 

As a Personal Trainer, Vijay believes that Exercise is the best way to help clients not only reach, but surpass their goals.


  • Owner/Operator of 1RMFitness Zone
  • Certified Personal Trainer Specialist from CanfitPRO, Canada
  • CPR-C certified, Canfit Pro, Canada
  • Certified Kickboxing Trainer (Level 1), Canada
  • Certified Suspension Trainer (TRX), Canada
  • Certified UK Athletics Coach, UK
  • Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor from Multitrax, UK.



  • Ranked 5th in “2003- MR.MAHARASHTRA ” 
  • Ranked 3rd in “2001-MR.SUBURBAN MUMBAI ”
  • Ranked 4th in “2000- NOVICES DISTRICTS ”
  • Ranked 5th in “1999- MR.MUMBAI"