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Yoga for Every BODY

Ravi Suhag


Ravi was introduced to yoga 12 years ago. With the immense knowledge  about yoga, Indian scriptures and yoga sutra . he had his upbringing in a yogic lifestyle in Indian ancient gurukuls. At a little age he has demonstrated yoga on TV several times as well as achieved awards in yoga championships. He began his yoga journey in 2008, Since then  Ravi has been teaching yoga. Though a lover of movement, handstands, arm balances and creative sequencing, his focus is the integration of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence to create a space to deepen the inner connection


He always wanting to maintain a work-life balance and yearning to get in touch with his inner self,.  He practice and instructs yoga classes virtually everyday and also breathing exercises known as pranayama (prah-nai-Yah-mah).   He saw and felt the changes in his mind & body including toning, flexibility and tranquility.  Yoga has brought her the mental peace and a sense of gratitude.  It has put him in touch with his inner self, brining calmness deep inside him.


Combination of practicing yoga, dancing and eating healthy allows him to feel confident, courageous, energetic, and enthusiastic about life – making his clients feel the same is what motivates Ravi.  He wants to bring the best out of his clients so that they can reach their full potential and accomplish their goals. “I am genuinely passionate about yoga and want to make a difference in people's lives and help them.  I truly want my clients to succeed and be happy. ”